Tunisian Bubble Stitch 011513

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by M. J. Joachim

Begin with an odd number of chain stitches.

Foundation:  Make a traditional Tunisian foundation row to start.

Step 1:  Tunisian simple stitch (TSS) in 1st stitch; make bubble – {TSS – dc, tr, dc} in next stitch, finishing bubble stitch with final TSS dc, following Steps A – C listed next:

A:  TSS dc>>>yarn over, insert hook, yarn over and draw up loop; yarn over, draw through 2 loops on hook

B:  TSS tr>>>yarn over (twice), insert hook and draw up a loop; yarn over, draw through 2 loops on hook (twice)

C:  TSS dc (bobble)>>>Repeat A; yarn over, draw through 3 loops

[Repeat Step 1 across row, making 1 more TSS in last stitch for edge. Row will look like this:  {2 TSS, 1 bubble + 1 TSS alternating in each stitch across row, 2 TSS}]

Step 2:  Cast off loops – cast off 1 for edge, and then 2 at a time until 1 loop remains on hook.

Step 3:  TSS in each stitch across row and cast off, as explained in Step 2.

Repeat Steps 1 – 3 for pattern.