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Holding Your Hook, Yarn Tension and Slip Knots

by M. J. Joachim

Holding Traditional Hooks

Traditional crochet hooks usually have a thumb grip. Hold your hook by pinching the thumb grip with your thumb on top and your middle finger behind. Rest the back end of the hook on the inside of your ring and pinky fingers.  Your pointer finger can be used to guide the top part of your hook as necessary.

How you hold your hook is a personal preference. As long as you are comfortable and can move the yarn readily while keeping its tension even, you can hold your hook whichever way works best for you.

Holding Afghan and Cro-hooks

Afghan and cro-hooks are longer than traditional crochet hooks. They don’t usually have a thumb grip. Scoop them up in the palm of your hand, wrapping your middle, ring and pinky around them. Use your thumb to direct the hook from the top, and your pointer to guide the hook and yarn into place.

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