Long & Short Stitch Single Crochet

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by M. J. Joachim

Foundation:  Make an even number of chain stitches, + 1 more chain

Step 1:  Make 3 rows of single crochet

Step 2:  Join new color at end of row 3; chain 1 (around previous color, to carry it up with your work)

Step 3:  Turn; using new color, make 1 single crochet stitch into the row below your top row

Step 4:  Pick up previous color and single crochet in next stitch

Step 5:  Alternate back and forth, between current color and previous color, making long single crochet stitches with new color and short single crochet stitches with previous color

[Repeat Step 5 across row.]

Step 6:  Use previous color to make 2 rows of single crochet

Repeat Steps 2 – 6 for pattern, joining new color at the end of each new set of 2 rows (as opposed to the end of row 3, as stated in beginning of pattern for foundation in Step 2).


Always chain 1 and turn, to begin a new row.

Carry unused color(s) up, alongside of work. No need to finish off and join new colors throughout.

Make It Your Own

Experiment with different long and short single crochet patterns and color combinations. Long and short single crochet stitch combinations can be used to make words, pictures and lots of other things in your crochet work. Use graph paper to pencil out unique designs and one-of-a-kind projects, and have fun with this long and short single crochet technique.