Chain Overlay 010413

by M. J. Joachim

Chain Overlay Notes

Work on right side of fabric only. It is easier to work on a loose weave or mesh crochet background. However, almost any crochet background can be used, depending on the effect you’re trying to achieve.

It is important to keep your stitches even, while working on top of fabric.

If you are making a detailed or large design, spelling a word or getting otherwise very creative with this technique, it’s a good idea to chart (on graph paper), your stitches beforehand.

This technique works well for embellishing background fabric with stripes and zigzags, in which case, you probably won’t need to graph your pattern prior to beginning your stitches.

It is fun to use different size hooks and yarn or thread to vary pattern effects. You can even use more than one strand of yarn. Be creative and use this technique much like you would if you were adding embroidery stitches to your crochet work.

Beginning Chain Overlay

Chain Overlay Design

Chain Overlay Letters

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Chain Overlay Instructions

Step 1:  Make a slip stitch with your yarn and join to the front of your background fabric in the desired position.

Step 2:  Proceed to make chain stitches on top of your fabric, in the pattern or design of your choice.

Step 3:  When overlay is finished, finish off. Using crochet hook, pull loose threads to back side of background. Weave in loose ends.