Tunisian Panel Bonnet 010113

Begin with a Tunisian Simple Stitch Panel

Step 1:  Lay panel vertically and fold in half

Step 2:  Single crochet a seam down one side, joining 2 halves together. Finish off.

Step 3:  Open bonnet and fold up cuff for front. Joining cuff to base of bonnet, single crochet around base of bonnet. Be sure to join cuff evenly on both sides of bonnet when doing this.

Step 4:  Join yarn to corner of bonnet and make at least 20 (length is up to you) chain stitches. Single crochet back up to base of bonnet, join and finish off. Repeat on other side, to create 2 straps for tying.

Finish off. Weave in loose ends. Steam with clothing steamer to relax stitches.

Change It Up and Make It Yours

Crochet flowers and add to one side of your bonnet.

Add pompoms or tassels to top of bonnet and on ends of straps.

Adjust size of bonnet by making a larger panel. Simply make your initial foundation chain longer, when you begin making your panel. 

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