Rectangle Hat Basics

by M. J. Joachim
Step 1:  Crochet a rectangle the width and height you’d like for whoever will be wearing the hat. Measure the head, add a few extra chains to your foundation for seam allowance and gathering. When measuring the head, measure the circumference and height. We’re not making Yarmulke’s (unless you want to of course). We’re making hats.

Step 2:  Gather top edge of hat by pulling yarn through each stitch.

Step 3:  Join sides with a simple crocheted seam. Slip Stitch and single crochet are least noticeable, but you can use whatever stitch you’d like.

Step 4:  Crochet a border or fancy trim if you’d like.

Note:  It is possible to make a vertical rectangle and use this same process. In this case, you need to adjust your measurements accordingly.

Rectangle Hat Basics Blog Post

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